How to use eyEM, electromagnetic fields detector

eyEM detector of electromagnetic fields

eyEM is your personal detector of radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

In daily use, always bring eyEM with you: the LED scale instantly reveals the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, and it show the intensity through the lighting of the four LEDs. This way, you can turn away the source to the most appropriate distance.

Here’s how to read the LED scale:

LED scale Estimated electromagnetic field
first LED, slow flashing eyEM is on. EMF less than 1.5 V/m
first LED, quick flashing
EMF between 1,5 V/m – 3 V/m
second LED, quick flashing EMF between 3 V/m – 6 V/m
third LED, quick flashing EMF between 6 V/m – 9 V/m
fourth LED, quick flashing EMF more than 9 V/m


At the end of the day you can analyze in retrospect your personal exposure: by downloading the daily detection on the PC, you can view the level of electromagnetic field that you met with the timely reference on their detection. This allows you to trace the most intense sources and related activities, giving directions on your behaviors, on the environment in which you move, on your device’s functionalities.

For occasional use, eyEM can help you determine the most appropriate placement for your devices, such as the wi-fi and the PC, contributing to the knowledge of domestic and working environments.

In general, eyEM can safeguard from unwanted exposures, can introduce a culture of precaution and the proper use of technology, can raise the level of awareness and knowledge of environments and systems.