eyEM R&D project

R&D project for radio frequency electromagnetic fieldseyEM is a project developed by the team Polab srl.
Polab srl is a company specialized in the field of electromagnetism environment.
Our professional experience always keeps us in touch with the needs and expectations of the people: in particular, we know that people have a need to know and to move with awareness in a known space, where it is also possible to recognize the presence and intensity of field strength.

Every day we talk and interact with many people: citizens, students and teachers, public officials, in discussions, meetings, training opportunities at different levels of detail; our recent interventions in popular Italian radio and TV broadcasts (Le Iene Show, La Radio ne parla – Radio1, Occhio alla spesa – Rai1, GR Radio3 Friuli) and interviews in the press (Venerdì di Repubblica, Il Salvagente, Il Test) are been in recent years the index of a growing attention of the media on this issue.

The continuous spatial development of the mobile telecommunications network by operators has led to a high level of sensitivity to the potential risks of exposure, and consequently people has  the need to know the levels of electromagnetic fields and what are the sources that generate them.

We experience the widespread alarm against the potential risks arising from electromagnetic fields generated by the most popular electronic devices (mobile phones, antennas, appliances, ..), to which we are daily exposed: our sense organs do not recognize them, and furthermore the medical debate still goes on and several scientific studies have confirmed the existence of interactions between EMFs and human health.

Until now, the need for reassurance could be satisfied only by costly and professional measurements, more and more requests. They can be performed only by qualified persons, with the use of complex specialist equipment.

We have therefore decided to work to support people in choices and assessments about environments and functionalities of the devices, increasing the level of awareness with respect to EMF, on which we are bombarded with information that are often incomplete, misleading, contradictory.

In 2013 started the genesis of research and development project that led to the creation of eyEM ElectroMagnetic Observer: a special eye to see what is invisible, a simple to use tool, easy to read, inexpensive, accessible to all, lightweight and easy to handle, which also allows you to read on PC the information detected.