Why using eyEm?

monitoraggio dei campi elettromagnetici con eyEM


eyEM is an excellent tool for monitoring the radio frequency electromagnetic fields. It is a personal and everyday use instrument.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) can not be perceived by any of our senses. Their presence and their intensity are “invisible”.

Every day we use a large number of electronic devices that are sources of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, so we are daily exposed to electromagnetic fields, and our body absorbs a certain amount, depending on their intensity and the exposure time.

So do we really know the devices that we use, and the environments in which we move?

The fact that our sense organs are not able to estimate the presence and the intensity of the electromagnetic fields in which we live, generates and feeds the suspicion of a potential risk.

eyEM is a special eye to reveal the presence and intensity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. It is therefore designed as a tool to increase our personal awareness in the use of smartphones, tablet, PC, wi-fi.

Here are the three functions of eyEM:

  1. Instantly reveals the presence and intensity of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (100 MHz – 3 GHz) through the LED scale
  2. Stores the electromagnetic field levels and the time of detection
  3. View your data on your PC via the APP eyEM Data Manager, which represents them in graphical form

eyEM is an intuitive, handy tool, for everyone: it is simple to use and it requires no special skills; it is small and light weight and can be carried anywhere.