Why eyEM is innovative

radio frequency electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic fields are not visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, detection instruments are expensive and difficult to use.

eyEM is innovative especially for its extreme ease of use, making it a tool for everyone.

We wanted to develop a sensor that was very cheap and easy to use, able to “see” the electromagnetic fields by means of a scale of LED, and to store and return the data regarding electromagnetic fields met during the day (date, time, field level) on PC.

In 2014 eyEM has been patented for its character of absolute innovation: in fact we have invested in research and development of an innovative design to achieve an effective detector concentrated in small and negligible weight.

A conceptually very complex instrument, which is a detector of electromagnetic fields, has been made an object of very simple to use, portable, which can be used by anyone without specific technical skills.

Read the history of eyEM R&D project here: http://www.eyem.it/en/eyem-rd-project